Monthly Archives: April 2014

Local is the New Black

You might think that this week’s SF Business Times cover story by Patrick Hoge calling Mark Benioff the “Most Influential Man in SF” is news you’ve already seen given that he is the founder and chairman of Salesforce which is … READ MORE

Spring Cleaning: 5 tips on cleaning up your database

   1.    Face your fears The task of cleaning up a database – unless you have unlimited resources and room of data wonks in-hand – is a bit like cleaning up a garage or a closet.  There’s always something that’s … READ MORE

Beyond the Rubber Chicken

When’s the last time your fundraiser attracted a news helicopter that filmed the event live? On March 28 that’s exactly what happened for Outward Bound California. The San Francisco Skyline Challenge sent the Giant’s Lou Seal, famous 49er Guy McIntyre, … READ MORE

What’s Next for Tech Gives Back?

After months of blocked Google buses, picketers outside of Twitter and affordable housing activists shouting down Facebook employees, Bay Area residents opened their papers to read an unexpected headline, “Tech Fights Poverty.” The SF Gives initiative is a challenge run … READ MORE

From POTUS to PR & Company

Momentum for early learning has never been stronger, with everyone from President Obama to Republican Governors from states like Oklahoma, Georgia and Virginia lining up behind the issue. And while preschool expansion has dominated headlines across the nation, California is … READ MORE

How to Work a Room

Don’t bother going to an event unless you work the room. Here are five tips to remember: 1.  Know why you’re there Ever been at an event and had the chilling realization that you have no idea how you ended … READ MORE