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Babies & Board Rooms: Building Cross-Sector Engagement Now

  If 2014 will be remembered as the Year of Preschool – with everyone from the President to the Governor and Mayor of New York and the California State Legislature supporting an expansion of early learning support for four year … READ MORE

Taking on the Digital Glass Ceiling

Written and Researched by PR & Company interns: Jennie Kim and Katherine O’Brien UPDATE: Since our “Taking on the Digital Glass Ceiling” post, both Twitter and Pinterest have released their numbers. Here is how they fared: Twitter: Report: Similar to the … READ MORE

5 Tips for a Successful Phone Pitch

Written by: Jennie Kim, PRCO Intern   Back in the days before social media and email, the art of media relations was largely practiced over the 20th Century’s major communications breakthrough: the telephone.   These days it’s easy to hide behind … READ MORE