Monthly Archives: April 2015

Drought vs. Kids: Why the Coalition Fighting for Kids is More Important than Ever

This Earth Day, California’s record drought is driving a lot of change with public alarm matching the rising temperature.  According to a recent Field Poll, a record 94 % of Californians “believe that the drought is serious, and one-third support … READ MORE

Offense is the Best Defense

When it comes to shaping public opinion, we are true believers in the Full Court Press — no matter your communications objective, being assertive about telling your story is critical to moving people to your side — especially when the … READ MORE

A Wedding (No Funerals), Women in Tech & Lou Seal and Stomper Too!

Captivating the Bay Area media, PR & Company’s Women’s History Month winner, Emma Mayerson, Executive Director of the Alliance for Girls, had one of the biggest days of her life on March 19 when she rappelled 23 stories off the … READ MORE