Monthly Archives: July 2015

Going Up?

On the magic elevator in the PRCO office building, with a punch of a button, you can be instantly transported to radically different dimensions of 2015 San Francisco. As the elevator opens on to the 5th Floor, you take a … READ MORE

Bringing Advocacy for Babies and Kids to Life

  Admit it, you clicked on this blog post because of that adorable baby and puppies. When I wrote for the San Jose Mercury News, Oakland Tribune and Contra Costa Times, my most popular stories were ALWAYS about babies. From “Penguin … READ MORE

Ms. Mather Goes To Washington

When working with causes that are dominating headlines across the country, it’s critical to track how an issue advances in one sector to help inform strategy in another. Our cross-sector work championing women in power is an exceptional example. Laura … READ MORE

Scaling Child Centered Advocacy Campaigns

By PRCO intern Lauren Hain It would have been hard to imagine five years ago when the Summer Matters Campaign launched that the Super Bowl 50 Host committee would choose National Summer Learning Day to launch the “Re(a)d Zone”  – … READ MORE

Managing a Media Feeding Frenzy

You’ve crafted the strategy, the pitches have gone out, you’ve made your calls and the big story is scheduled to hit tomorrow morning at 6 am EST. Now what do you do? There is a prepared, organized, calm and quick … READ MORE

Fearless Wealthy Women Craving Impact? Apply Here.

Last week new research was released unmasking the structural barriers in the criminal justice system that hold women and people of color back. In addition to revealing that an astounding 95% of all elected prosecutors are white; 79% are men, … READ MORE

Cross Sector Leader, Political Operative, Breaking News Reporter, Tech PR Guru, Media Master From LA Join PR & Company Team

Turning 18 years young this Spring, PR & Company celebrated with a bloom of new talent. Long-time collaborator Tod Hill joined PR & Company as a partner. Hill is a seasoned manager and communications expert with deep expertise in philanthropy, … READ MORE