Monthly Archives: January 2016

The Life Changing Magic of Modularity

Do all things drought-related have to be ugly? It’s bad enough that our bathrooms are outfitted with underused spaghetti pots, catching just enough excess water to feed the plants. I’ve often wondered how conservation itself could be modernized with a little … READ MORE

Say goodbye to our old friend Ed Jargon

“Here in California, we’re all wondering how ESSA will impact LCFF now that NCLB is over. Will it impede or accelerate the deployment of CCSS and the advancement of STEM? Will it distract from recent investments in OST? And will … READ MORE

Be Your Own Starman

In reflecting on the untimely death of one of the most original artists of our time, I’m struck by how much social impact communicators can learn from David Bowie. He made outsiders cool, transformed what was alternative to mainstream, and … READ MORE

Equality & Justice: What Donors Have to Do With It in 2016

What will we remember about 2015? For those of us who care about equality and justice, there is plenty to make our hearts heavy: one horrifying racial incident after another, Donald Trump’s unbridled xenophobia, headlines trumpeting rising inequality, and stories … READ MORE