Monthly Archives: July 2016

School Is In for the Summer

Summer is in full swing in San Francisco, complete with stunningly sunny afternoons and bitterly cold, foggy evenings: kids are out of school, the Giants are in first place, and political convention season has begun! One of the things we’ve … READ MORE

Three Critical Lessons from the United State of Women

Share via Twitter: 3 critical lessons @PRPatReilly learned at #USOW for women in advocacy communications I had the incredible pleasure of attending the United State of Women Summit at the White House on June 14th. It was so heartening … READ MORE

San Francisco Goes All In for Hillary

Here in the cradle of tech innovation, it can be easy to ignore the outside world. We’ve created a bubble in which luxury shuttles, gourmet company cafeterias, and generous benefits packages are common, and we’ve gotten comfy. For the most … READ MORE

No News? No Problem

After the terrible shooting in Orlando, gun control advocates were left, once again, with no news. With just four days left before Congress adjourned for the 4th of July recess, a bipartisan gun control proposal was set aside with no … READ MORE

All the Education News That Isn’t Fit to Print

Open your local newspaper – or log on – and you’re likely to get hit with a story about Clinton v. Trump, the Brexit, or a sit-in by DC legislators. 2016 has already seen its share of sensational headlines, and … READ MORE