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This is What Equity Delivers: Solid Gold

Tweet: Medals US women won at the Olympics in 1972: 23. This year: 61. @prandcompany says thank you Title IX! Stunning in their athleticism, determination and speed, America’s female sprinters are my favorite Olympic competitors. I hold my breath … READ MORE

Let’s Talk About Equity

Tweet: Equity in America is emerging as the challenge of our time. How will you join the conversation? Equity in America – or the lack thereof – is emerging as the challenge of our time. As changemakers, it’s important … READ MORE

Thinking Outside the Internship Box

By PRCO Intern Chelsea Dole Share via Twitter: Want to promote diversity? @prandcompany suggests looking beyond internship experience. I’ve had my fair share of jobs. I started working part-time in high school as a theatre attendant, a farmer’s market … READ MORE