Monthly Archives: November 2016

Taking Action in the Age of Trump

By PRCO Intern Jennie Robinson It’s been more than a week and America is still reeling from what has been the most contentious election season in recent history. For many women, the results were heartbreaking. Donald Trump’s surprise victory was … READ MORE

Training Season Is Here!

  Baseball might be over but it’s training season here at PR & Company. Straight outta the White House we are delighted to partner with grassroots training expert Sara El-Amine, who comes to PR & Company after nine years establishing, … READ MORE

5 Biggest Communications Mistakes Education Advocates Make

  Advocating for change in an education system can be challenging. Changemakers have to wrangle policy makers, teachers, school board members, and funders to make an impact. Here are five simple tips to help your communications achieve success. 1.Skip the … READ MORE