Monthly Archives: February 2017

Why Communicating About Equity Is So Important

In our highly politicized times – when even fundamentals like always tell the truth, don’t be a bully, and don’t discriminate are up for dispute and interpretation – more nuanced conversations that impact kids and their success in school, and … READ MORE

Fast Times at New Montgomery Street

It seems like the news is moving faster than ever, and so is PR & Company. This January we headed down the peninsula to Aligned Partners where we worked with the incredible women of the Kauffman Fellows Program to boost … READ MORE

5 Tips for Better Thought Leadership in 2017

User demand and behavior have transformed social media and platforms are responding, creating more opportunities to build your thought leadership presence. Blogging has become so popular, in fact, WIRED named it one of 2017’s biggest trends. Changemakers must keep up … READ MORE