Monthly Archives: October 2017

Blazing New Trails for Changemakers: Fenton + Change Research

Tearing down the walls that hold amazing people, great causes, transformative companies and leaps ahead for children and women has been a constant in my career and today it’s with great joy and excitement that I announce two new ways … READ MORE

Wave of Wonder Women

Pink pussy hat power is carrying over to the 2017-2018 elections, and Change Research is part of a wave of new start-ups fueling the rise of women activists and candidates. Meet a few Wonder Women: Jessica Alter leapt into action … READ MORE

How We Talk About California Schools

  The heart of PR & Company’s work has always been our advocacy for women and children. That’s why I am so very grateful to be working with Fenton, a team with unmatched passion, commitment and expertise in leveraging communications … READ MORE

Five Ways to Use Fast, Affordable & Accurate Polling

1. Test Your Message(s) How often have you put hard-won resources into messaging around a new project without testing whether it REALLY works on your intended audience? Now you can pinpoint exactly the right message for precisely the right audience, … READ MORE

Change Research is Born

Change Research was born from passion and belief in a better future. Here is the story of the birth of Change Research, as shared in a recent DemLabs newsletter. A fundamental part of DemLabs‘ mission is finding technology that is … READ MORE

5 Tips for Breaking Into Any News Cycle

Remember slow news days? We’ve forgotten what those feel like. From email scandals, to Russian hacking, to the attempted repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act the news cycle has been nonstop – and that’s just domestic news. With … READ MORE