All the Education News That Isn’t Fit to Print

All the Education News That Isn’t Fit to Print
Photo courtesy of Lars Ploughman

All the Education News That Isn’t Fit to Print

POST BY: Pat Reilly ON July 14th, 2016

Open your local newspaper – or log on – and you’re likely to get hit with a story about Clinton v. Trump, the Brexit, or a sit-in by DC legislators. 2016 has already seen its share of sensational headlines, and we’re only half way through the year! Between national elections, breaking news, and foreign affairs, education coverage is getting lost. Parents, community leaders, and advocates eager to learn about the latest developments in education policy aren’t getting what they need from the mainstream media.

Although education issues affect every family in America, they aren’t as exciting as an election or as controversial as gun control legislation. Though lots of news happened in education this month – the Supreme Court protected the California Teachers Association from a potentially devastating blow; a report shows fewer and fewer students have an interest in teaching; and Hillary Clinton got a mixed response to her speech at the National Education Association –few of these stories were covered by major print outlets.

Of course traditional media reports on education, but in a time when Donald Trump’s next racist tweet could coopt the entire news cycle, education coverage is getting buried, or simply not getting the attention it deserves. Yet even if the coverage isn’t there, the conversation continues. Online blogs and publications are now the place to go for updates on all kinds of education topics. Whether you’re trying to spark a national debate about Social and Emotional Learning, understand California’s complicated LCAP formulas, or just keep up with the latest classroom trends, you don’t need to rely on general interest outlets to fill you in.

Where to start?

Here are PR & Company’s top 20 education blogs. Full of insightful articles, thoughtful reporting, and new approaches, these invaluable sites help us keep up with the education conversation.

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