Blazing New Trails for Changemakers: Fenton + Change Research

Blazing New Trails for Changemakers: Fenton + Change Research

Blazing New Trails for Changemakers: Fenton + Change Research

POST BY: Abbe Solomon Vacek ON October 31st, 2017

Tearing down the walls that hold amazing people, great causes, transformative companies and leaps ahead for children and women has been a constant in my career and today it’s with great joy and excitement that I announce two new ways that me (with you) can drive forward that work:

Fenton, the first public interest public relations firm, is growing fast and I’m honored to be part of the new team. With 60+ professionals, offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Washington, DC, unmatched chops in writing, digital, social media and earned media, along with education, social impact, tech for good and philanthropy clients, we offer a deep bench for impact. I’m honored to be working with Ben Wyskida, the new Fenton CEO, and every day I’m grateful for my new family of communications professionals.

Fenton brings deep experience in education and philanthropy. Currently the team is supporting the W.K. Kellogg Foundation on their work transforming the school system in Battle Creek, Mich., and the Annie E. Casey Foundation on major initiatives like Kid’s Count and Race for Results. Additional clients include Facing History, National Indian Education Association, National Honor Society Scholarship Fund,, the Irvine Foundation and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

Change Research is offering fast, affordable and accurate public opinion polling, with costs 90% lower than traditional polls. The full story of how I came to co-found this new Public Benefit Corporation is detailed in this month’s BTSJ, but what I want to convey to you here is how much hope, energy, and momentum we’re already seeing as we bring affordable polling to candidates with fewer resources and uncover issues that matter and messages that work. It’s great to be able to do that in a time of so many setbacks in Washington. I’m so thankful to Donnie Fowler and Deepak Puri for hosting the DemLabs gatherings at which I met Mike Greenfield and Jonathan Goldman.

Intelligent action, determination and resilience aren’t just buzz words when you team up with people focused on creating change and improving the way we tell our stories (in this case, by democratizing access to polling). And bringing my long-term colleagues from the National Governors’ Association, Kris Balderston and Kay LiCausi from the National Women’s Political Caucus over to the Change Research team has not only been extraordinarily successful, but so much fun!

Let’s talk about how we can work together with Fenton and Change Research. Onward for positive impact!