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How to Turn Your Event into Live Content

Events are great opportunities to rally your supporters, and create a fun and inspiring moment to drive impact. But how can you translate that energy and excitement beyond the event to the many stakeholders that may not be able to … READ MORE

5 Tips for Better Thought Leadership in 2017

User demand and behavior have transformed social media and platforms are responding, creating more opportunities to build your thought leadership presence. Blogging has become so popular, in fact, WIRED named it one of 2017’s biggest trends. Changemakers must keep up … READ MORE

5 Things I’ve Learned on the Campaign Trail

Tweet: .@prandcompany shares 5 tips for shifting your perspective and keeping your head in the advocacy game. Political campaigns are crazy, unique environments: the work is constant, all deadlines are urgent, and then, suddenly, they end. I started my … READ MORE

5 Biggest Communications Mistakes Education Advocates Make

  Advocating for change in an education system can be challenging. Changemakers have to wrangle policy makers, teachers, school board members, and funders to make an impact. Here are five simple tips to help your communications achieve success. 1.Skip the … READ MORE

Let’s Talk About Equity

Tweet: Equity in America is emerging as the challenge of our time. How will you join the conversation? Equity in America – or the lack thereof – is emerging as the challenge of our time. As changemakers, it’s important … READ MORE

No News? No Problem

After the terrible shooting in Orlando, gun control advocates were left, once again, with no news. With just four days left before Congress adjourned for the 4th of July recess, a bipartisan gun control proposal was set aside with no … READ MORE

5 Ways to Make Your Medium Presence Extra Large

Before President Obama delivered his most recent State of the Union address, the White House bucked tradition and released the text on Medium, allowing the public to read along in real time. Medium is the hot place to go, not … READ MORE

5 Ways to Make Your Data Tell a Story

I once was asked to take over customer service for CREDO Mobile, the socially-responsible telecom company. I soon found myself deluged with data; every day I’d get a fresh report bursting with granular details about our customers. But no matter … READ MORE

Be Your Own Starman

In reflecting on the untimely death of one of the most original artists of our time, I’m struck by how much social impact communicators can learn from David Bowie. He made outsiders cool, transformed what was alternative to mainstream, and … READ MORE

Five Tips for Your Holiday Pitch

Holidays are a great time to get your story covered. Though people may be away from their desks and work, they still consume media, and reporters still have to find a way to publish a paper, host a radio show … READ MORE