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How We Talk About California Schools

  The heart of PR & Company’s work has always been our advocacy for women and children. That’s why I am so very grateful to be working with Fenton, a team with unmatched passion, commitment and expertise in leveraging communications … READ MORE

Uniting Education Advocates for Student Success

There are two separate sets of convenings and conversations happening around education policy in California.  One is well-attended by equity advocates, policy-makers, academics, electeds and the heads of education associations like the CSBA, ACSA or PTA.  Then there are another … READ MORE

Child Advocates Punch Above Their Weight

“We want the activists parents and teachers to go to their local boards and put the pressure on them using the transparent local accountability plan,” California’s Governor Jerry Brown told the press as he defended his experiment with the local … READ MORE

Why Communicating About Equity Is So Important

In our highly politicized times – when even fundamentals like always tell the truth, don’t be a bully, and don’t discriminate are up for dispute and interpretation – more nuanced conversations that impact kids and their success in school, and … READ MORE

Let’s Fund California Schools Like a Blue State

This article also appeared in Education Week’s On California blog. If California is so blue, then why is it so solidly red when it comes to funding public education? Californians voted two-to-one for Hillary Clinton, and voted to extend a state tax on … READ MORE

EdSource Symposium 2016’s Greatest Lesson? Communication Is Key!

Tweet: Want your education initiative to succeed? You need a full communications strategy to engage, motivate, and inspire. “You know when you think of something that happened way back in history – and everyone talks about it, and everyone … READ MORE

Communications Rules to Live By

Tweet: Want to make your message accessible, grow your audience, & advance your mission? Try @prandcompany’s 4 simple tips! Everyone agrees that education is important – but getting attention for that new innovative program can be hard. Whatever solutions … READ MORE

All the Education News That Isn’t Fit to Print

Open your local newspaper – or log on – and you’re likely to get hit with a story about Clinton v. Trump, the Brexit, or a sit-in by DC legislators. 2016 has already seen its share of sensational headlines, and … READ MORE

Strength in Numbers for Children 0 to 5

Even if you aren’t a basketball fan, Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors have captivated the country with their dazzling artistry. Their Strength in Numbers rallying cry is more than a marketing ploy: the call reinforces that despite Curry’s extraordinary … READ MORE

5 Ways to Frame Your Education Story

By PRCO Intern Sara Harrison Would you rather read this: Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is vital to student success. Although SEL has not been universally embraced like STEM or included in any ESSA testing or CCSS curriculum, studies show … READ MORE