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Wave of Wonder Women

Pink pussy hat power is carrying over to the 2017-2018 elections, and Change Research is part of a wave of new start-ups fueling the rise of women activists and candidates. Meet a few Wonder Women: Jessica Alter leapt into action … READ MORE

Leveraging Cross Sector Collaborations for Women

This page could be blank. Honoring a women’s general strike is in keeping with PR & Company’s values. But on International Women’s Day, we demonstrated solidarity by stepping up to our full power as a connector, convener, trainer, amplifier, and … READ MORE

The Morning After Blog

With the inauguration just barely over, women around the country turned out to march. From D.C. to Melbourne, from Nairobi to Bogota, over 670 events were held around the world in support of women’s equality. These are undoubtedly important moments. … READ MORE

Taking Action in the Age of Trump

By PRCO Intern Jennie Robinson It’s been more than a week and America is still reeling from what has been the most contentious election season in recent history. For many women, the results were heartbreaking. Donald Trump’s surprise victory was … READ MORE


By PRCO Intern Christian Arana Tweet: .@prandcompany on how new media has fundamentally changed the conversation around sexual harassment #NOTokay There is no doubt that this presidential election season has been especially tough for women. From the leaked Access … READ MORE

This is What Equity Delivers: Solid Gold

Tweet: Medals US women won at the Olympics in 1972: 23. This year: 61. @prandcompany says thank you Title IX! Stunning in their athleticism, determination and speed, America’s female sprinters are my favorite Olympic competitors. I hold my breath … READ MORE

Three Critical Lessons from the United State of Women

Share via Twitter: 3 critical lessons @PRPatReilly learned at #USOW for women in advocacy communications I had the incredible pleasure of attending the United State of Women Summit at the White House on June 14th. It was so heartening … READ MORE

Who Do You Love: Pocahontas or Mr. Potter?

I have kids, so I’ve seen Disney’s Pocahontas movie. Who was Pocahontas? Hard to know for sure, since no record of her own words exists. Based on historical consensus, she was a courageous peace-maker who saved a white man from … READ MORE

What The Pundits Missed About The Woman Card

What’s up with the two white guys running for president and what they are projecting onto the only woman running for president? Does being an self-proclaimed “outsider” mean it’s okay to assert that Hillary Clinton is “unqualified” — when she … READ MORE

Women’s Worth Rising?

Written in collaboration with PRCO Intern Sara Harrison We have a long road ahead toward reaching equality for women in wages, leadership and power, but a few powerful trends are helping to drive that change forward. 1. Transparency & Data Analysis … READ MORE