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Our Gender-Obsessed Media v. the Notorious HRC

Written in collaboration with PRCO Intern Sara Harrison In 2016, all bets are off. While Trump collects cross-country victories and the Bush clan finally fizzles for good, Hillary Clinton contends with off-the-rails criticism from media on both the left and … READ MORE

Equality & Justice: What Donors Have to Do With It in 2016

What will we remember about 2015? For those of us who care about equality and justice, there is plenty to make our hearts heavy: one horrifying racial incident after another, Donald Trump’s unbridled xenophobia, headlines trumpeting rising inequality, and stories … READ MORE

“What’s Up, Guys?” – Editing Women Back into Language

By PRCO intern Ariel Robinson As strategists for changemakers, we are always examining and evaluating how we use language to advance an issue, attract an audience or set the tone of a debate. Since we often aim to motivate a … READ MORE

What news will we remember most about the summer of 2015?

The Black Lives Matter movement?  The Chinese stock market crash?  Wildfires burning out of control in Washington State? Tech diversity reports? The Planned Parenthood GOP attacks? Hillary Clinton’s emails, or Feel the Bern? Probably not. We will remember the drowned … READ MORE

Fearless Wealthy Women Craving Impact? Apply Here.

Last week new research was released unmasking the structural barriers in the criminal justice system that hold women and people of color back. In addition to revealing that an astounding 95% of all elected prosecutors are white; 79% are men, … READ MORE


The 45 year old African American female mayor of Baltimore made the front page of the New York Times last week. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, the daughter of a powerful former member of the Maryland legislature, started her political career by winning election … READ MORE

Give ’em Hell Harriett

Back in 1982, a determined, smart and confident college educated woman named Harriett Woods ran for the United States Senate against incumbent Senator Jack Danforth.  The ultimate David and Goliath story, Harriett was a solidly middle-class, married mother of three … READ MORE