Change Research is Born

Change Research is Born

Change Research is Born

POST BY: Abbe Solomon Vacek ON October 30th, 2017

Change Research was born from passion and belief in a better future. Here is the story of the birth of Change Research, as shared in a recent DemLabs newsletter.

A fundamental part of DemLabs‘ mission is finding technology that is both affordable and useable, especially for smaller candidates and groups that cannot pay high-priced consultants or lots of staff. We would like to introduce you to one success story arising from our first DemLabs workshop last March.  

Mike Greenfield had the data and the technology and Pat Reilly had the political savvy. Deepak Puri, DemLabs Co-Founder, brought them together.

Mike, a veteran Silicon Valley data scientist and three-time startup founder, told Deepak last Spring about a faster, less expensive online polling approach he’d applied in the April special congressional election in Kansas. Deepak was intrigued.  The two ran several pilots and, indeed, the innovation was for real.

Pat, a longtime communications leader who works with many socially oriented organizations, mentioned that one of her clients, the Partnership for Children and Youth (PCY), wanted to understand public opinion on after school programs — but didn’t have $30,000 to spend on a traditional baseline poll.  Deepak quickly made the connection and PCY would be Mike’s first client, delivering public opinion research for a fraction of a normal poll that helped PCY secure $50 million in funding.

Pat soon joined Mike and Jonathan Goldman at Change Research, a Public Benefit Corporation. They are working with down-ballot candidates in California, New Jersey and Virginia, as well as several PACs, unions, nonprofits, and media who are using less expensive polls to:

Price isn’t the only differentiator.  Change Research’s accuracy attracted the attention of Five ThirtyEight and Newsweek, among others, including being the only national pollster to:

We at DemLabs are extremely excited about Change Research because of their commitment to work with smaller groups and candidates who have never had access to top-line polling.

DemLabs has lots more up our sleeves. Stay tuned for webinars this Fall on making the leap to better tech and storytelling. Future emails will also tell you of other projects — not just our own — that you will love. Should we highlight your work? Learn more about DemLabs at