How to Turn Your Event into Live Content

How to Turn Your Event into Live Content
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How to Turn Your Event into Live Content

POST BY: Pat Reilly ON March 16th, 2017

Events are great opportunities to rally your supporters, and create a fun and inspiring moment to drive impact. But how can you translate that energy and excitement beyond the event to the many stakeholders that may not be able to attend? The answer lies in a strong, active, and inventive social media presence. Through Twitter, Facebook, and even Snapchat, a comprehensive social media strategy will bring your event to life for everyone, boost engagement, and amplify your call to action. Here are PR & Company’s top five social media strategies to maximize your impact and get the most out of any live event.

1. Make a Plan
Build your social media strategy into the foundation of your event from the beginning. As you conceive of the event location, speakers, and activities, consider what you need to transform these moments into social media content. Do you need to develop a hashtag or have a pre-decided list of pictures to take during the event? Or should you create unique branding that will easily replicate in Twitter banners, Facebook photos, and Instagram posts?

2. Build Momentum Early
Start your social media campaign before the event with previews of speakers, Q & A’s with facilitators, and a call to action that invites stakeholders to engage, share, and like posts, whether or not they are attending the event. Advertise a live stream and publicize opportunities for people who not attending to participate through tweets, comments threads, and by repeating your event’s call to action. Create a content calendar that will list what you’re going to post and when to make it easy to structure your posts and publish consistently.

3. Leverage Your Network
Reach out to your connections and to other thought leaders in your sector to post about your event on their social media before it kicks off. By having allies with a huge following tweet about your event or share your content on Facebook or LinkedIn you will create a pre-event buzz and make your conference the place to be. These partnerships also allow you to leverage other organizations’ and thought leaders networks, helping you engage a whole new audience and grow your reach without paying a cent to boost or promote that content.

4. Empower Your Presenters
Make use of the talented people presenting at your event by empowering them with social media kits that make it easy to share their experiences – and your call to action – with their networks. Send them a kit in advance with hashtags, your social media handles, and suggested content for before, during, and after the event. This will boost your visibility and give presenters a way to trumpet their own activities.

5. Think Beyond Traditional Posts
Photos and text are great but can you go farther? Consider taking short videos or conducting quick interviews with participants that distill their takeaways and repeat your call to action. These can be turned into SnapChats, Instagram videos, or even podcasts that can be used to report your event’s successes and lessons even after it’s over.