Leveraging Cross Sector Collaborations for Women

Leveraging Cross Sector Collaborations for Women
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Leveraging Cross Sector Collaborations for Women

POST BY: Pat Reilly ON March 9th, 2017

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Honoring a women’s general strike is in keeping with PR & Company’s values. But on International Women’s Day, we demonstrated solidarity by stepping up to our full power as a connector, convener, trainer, amplifier, and strategist for women’s full empowerment.

Yesterday, PR & Company was in Sacramento at the inaugural hearing of the Select Committee on Implicit Bias and Women in the Workplace, launched by California Senator Holly Mitchell (D-CA), the committee is gathering experts from a wide range of sectors to delve into the impact bias has on women in the workplace and in their general lives.

Alongside academics and grassroots activists, the panel featured Silicon Valley innovator Laura Mather, an expert on workforce diversity and hiring, who’s work shows that while women are unquestionably a driving force behind many professions, (76 percent of teachers are women as are 92 percent of nurses), our biases about what work women “can” or “should” do, continue to keep women from excelling in all sectors. Her software, Unitive, intervenes in the hiring process to disrupt unconscious bias as it occurs and give every female candidate an equal shot at a job.

PR & Company is committed to building the cross sector partnerships that leverage the best of academic research, policy, technology, and activism to create the real structural changes – like Unitive – that women need to truly be successful in our society.

We’re able to do that because of our incredible network of partners, connections, and collaborators.

We connected Senator Mitchell with Laura – and enriched the committee’s conversation and its solutions – because of our longstanding relationship with the California Commission on the Status of Women, which has worked for over fifty years to eliminate the laws, policies, and procedures that disadvantage women and girls. Their Executive Director Nancy Rodriguez, is a long time friend of the firm, who I first collaborated with during my days at the National Women’s Caucus in Washington, DC. Together, we worked to increase the number of women in elected and appointed office across America.

Though we now approach the issue from different sectors, Nancy and I continue to pursue this goal, leveraging our partnership and skills to work together to create lasting changes for women. If we truly want to achieve full equality for women in all parts of our society, we must champion and encourage these kinds of connections.

Change happens when women in leadership positions, in politics, in tech, and beyond stand up for, protect, and advocate for the rights of women in and out of the workplace. Change happens when we break down silos and work collaboratively towards a positive future that fully empowers and values women and girls.

So yesterday, instead of gathering at City Hall and leaving our email unanswered and our phones ringing, we were in Sacramento, helping unite women across sectors to provide real solutions to solving unconscious bias in the workplace. We hope this will be the first of many conversations that urge our political leaders to fight for the policies and incentives that will truly support every woman, in every stage of her life and career and that will begin to break down the ingrained biases that have held women back for far too long.