New Media Models We Love

New Media Models We Love

New Media Models We Love

POST BY: Pat Reilly ON August 8th, 2017

It’s no secret that traditional journalism business models have struggled in recent years. From the gutting of the Los Angeles Times to the loss of formerly great regional leaders like the Rocky Mountain Press, outlets across the country are fighting to keep their doors open. But not all is doom and gloom for the media industry. In fact, we’re following some fantastic and innovative new models and are excited to see what they do next. Here are PR & Company’s top three favorite new media models for the digital age.

  1. ImpactAlpha
    Started by former Wall Street Journal reporter David Blank, Impact Alpha combines great reporting chops with a focus on sustainable investing. They profile amazing efforts to reconsider ROI, increase the role of women and girls in the economy, and create a new investment community that is focused on long-term stability instead of on shortsighted successes.

But ImpactAlpha doesn’t just offer good reporting on important subjects. They also feature ImpactSpace, the world’s largest database of ventures, funds, deals, people, and organizations working in impact investment. By combining top rate journalism with a necessary tool that facilitates investment, ImpactAlpha is able to produce great stories and preserve their bottom line at the same time. What’s more, they’ve got a stake in the game. Instead of just reporting the news, they are catalyzing a new way to invest.

  1. NPR

National Public Radio certainly isn’t new but since NPR began 1971, the organization has expanded and transformed to engage a diverse range of listeners from millennials to octogenarians. Their offerings now included everything from NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concerts to their highly interactive website, which features excellent photos and infographics, to their own app. They’ve also made the most of social media, getting their content out to people whether or not they’re listening to the radio. In fact, NPR actually saw an increase in listenership in 2016 of more than 40% for their afternoon news show.


With high quality content and an innovative use of social media, NPR is able to maintain correspondents across the world and shows no signs of slowing down.


  1. NewCo Shift

Begun by live event and festival host, NewCo, NewCo Shift covers the biggest changes in business and society “since the industrial revolution.” NewCo Shift is the epitome of new media outlets: hosted on Medium instead of on their own platform, and built with an eye towards new engagement strategies whether they are video pieces, long-form narratives, or something entirely new.


Not only do we love their newsletter – which delivers great stories about important changemakers right to our inboxes – but we also love their willingness to get their hands dirty. Like ImpactAlpha, NewCo does more than just report on the stories they see as important: they get involved.


Through parent company NewCo, NewCo Shift now hosts events, forges partnerships, and connects changemakers around the world to help advance political, social, and cultural movements.