Personal Branding for Any Woman in Any Sector

Personal Branding for Any Woman in Any Sector
Photo courtesy of How Women Lead

Personal Branding for Any Woman in Any Sector

POST BY: Pat Reilly ON May 5th, 2017

I’m fortunate to meet a lot of incredible women. From scientists who are revolutionizing how we get access to medical care, to tech geniuses who are disrupting our most destructive and biased behaviors, to women’s rights advocates who are fighting to end violence against women and girls around the world, these women have shown me that we don’t have to accept the status quo. With vision, creativity, and passion, women are transforming the world every day.

Still, despite all these incredible gains, women often struggle to get the recognition and the credit they deserve. Passed over by reporters or overshadowed by male colleagues, women can miss out on important chances to step into their power and push forward the agendas and issues that matter most to them. Thanks to social media, however, these dynamics are changing. Now, with a strong personal brand and online presence, women can take control of their public presence and be their own strongest advocate (something many of us have been doing for our entire careers).

But how do you start your personal brand? How do you grow your influence and truly step into your power? No matter what sector you work in, the first step to any successful personal brand is developing a strong, focused, and strategic message that structures your online presence. With a consistent and clear agenda, you’ll be able to make an impact before you’ve even walked into a room or met with potential partners.

While it sounds simple, figuring out what you want to say – and how to say it – can be difficult, especially for women working in technical fields. It can be incredibly challenging to translate your work and the issues that matter most into clearly defined and easy to digest messages that capture the attention of colleagues and the media alike. That’s why on May 15th I’m teaming up with How Women Lead to present Define, Design and Deliver Your Personal Brand, a workshop to help any woman professional build a strong personal brand.

I’ll be digging into the best ways to develop a clear and consistent message that advances your agenda and interests at every opportunity. Next, Hillary Wicht, an executive voice coach who has worked with women at every phase of their careers, will give tips and tricks to help you deliver your message in with a strong, confident, and commanding presentation. From the message to the method, we’ll cover everything you need to know. Finally, the event will wrap up with a panel of incredible female executives who can share firsthand how they defined their personal brand and how it drives their opportunities forward every day.

No matter your sector, your cause, or your interests, every woman should be able to take advantage of 21st century communications tools to move their mission and their career forward.

The room is filling up fast but there are still a few spots left! Sign up here – I hope we’ll see you there!