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empowering Philanthropy

Philanthropists are turning to PR & Company whose deep experience is at the nexus of philanthropic efforts.

Philanthropy, thankfully, is changing. Wealth is transferring to a new generation. Entrepreneurs are seeking innovative and impactful ways to give back. Women donors are stepping into their power. Social investment has become as important as good grantmaking. And donors are more interested than ever in hands-on involvement with the causes they care about. Organizations and networks at the cutting edge of this emerging new philanthropic sector are turning to PR & Company and our deep experience at the nexus of the nonprofits, technology, philanthropy, and politics.

We’ve provided strategic planning and advice to SOCAP (Social Capital Markets Conference) and Confluence Philanthropy, a network of foundations promoting impact investing within the philanthropic sector. We’ve trained members of the Women Donors Network on the fundamentals of strategic communications. We’ve served as strategic partners to Tides and its groundbreaking Momentum thought leader conference for social innovators. And we’ve partnered with a “graduate” of The Philanthropy Workshop West (TWP West) to help realize her vision of promoting our electric vehicle future in launching Charge Across Town and Electric Vehicle Week.

Impact on Philanthropy

See how we’ve made a difference in philanthropic efforts.

Women Donors Network

Reflective Democracy Campaign

With a groundbreaking study of 42,000 federal, state, and county elected officials that showed elected officials are disproportionately white and male, the launch of WDN’s Reflective Democracy Campaign sparked a national dialogue. With PRCO’s intensive outreach, the Campaign captured the attention of the New York Times, Washington Post, the New Yorker, USA Today, the Nation and MSNBC; and even inspired an off-color tweet from the Daily Show.

This successful launch positions the Campaign perfectly for its next phase as it shines the light on the structures that perpetuate the under-representation of women and people of color in our political system.

Tides Network

Unleashing Humor to Drive Momentum

Tides Network needed to boost attendance, visibility and cache for its annual “Momentum” progressive thought leader/donor conference. PRCO produced a comedic YouTube video challenging Stephen Colbert to “grow a pair” and come take on the progressives at Momentum that sparked an electrifying response.

The video boosted conference attendance and attention, and was hailed by philanthropic and social media leaders from Craig Newmark to Tiffany Shlain for its unprecedented humor and creativity.

World of Children Award

Elevating Investment in Global Changemakers for Children

Ten years after its founding, The World of Children Award wanted to make visibility and platform-building for the organization and its grantees a top priority.

PRCO’s strategic communications campaigns have landed the World of Children Awards everywhere from Nicholas Kristof’s New York Times column, Kenneth Cole’s AWEARNESS book, the Glamour Woman of the Year Awards, and on every major media outlet – dramatically propelling the success of changemakers working on behalf of vulnerable children worldwide.