Uniting Education Advocates for Student Success

Uniting Education Advocates for Student Success
Photo courtesy of EdSource

Uniting Education Advocates for Student Success

POST BY: Pat Reilly ON July 20th, 2017

There are two separate sets of convenings and conversations happening around education policy in California.  One is well-attended by equity advocates, policy-makers, academics, electeds and the heads of education associations like the CSBA, ACSA or PTA.  Then there are another set of convenings, primarily attended by “EdTech” companies who are attempting to build a market for their service or product.

The policy and decision making gatherings are inexpensive or free and tend to attract the same speakers and audience – a virtuous choir of people who vehemently agree and the conversation inevitably leads to the profound inequities of our education system in CA.

The EdTech events also talk about addressing equity, but are attended by sources of revenue like Venture Capitalists, investors, and a wider set of education “advocates” whose engagement with school districts typically comes in the form of managing technology projects on their behalf.

With the rise of technology in classrooms and a spike in investment in education for profits, it’s time to bring these worlds together for a meaningful dialogue.

In the K-12 space alone, EdTech companies received more than $2 billion in funding between 2010 and 2015. Advances in digital technology make the possibilities seem endless, which is why a recent report by EdTechXGlobal and IBIS Capital estimates that the global EdTech market will grow to $252 billion by 2020.

PR & Company is delighted to partner this year with Melissa Rich and Tom Davis to begin to build a more integrated and robust circle of champions for EdSource, the premiere education policy media outlet in California.  

EdSource’s 2017 symposium scheduled for October 5 — it’s the can’t miss event of the year for California educators and education advocates. EdSource is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and PR & Company, along with Rich and Davis are working to launch a Champions sponsorship program that will bring the EdTech community together to support EdSource’s exceptional work reporting, through Webinars, in podcasts, and on special reports.

New media models that unite the public, non-profit and for-profit sectors will help ensure that what’s working for student success continues to get covered.