What’s Next for Tech Gives Back?

What’s Next for Tech Gives Back?
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What’s Next for Tech Gives Back?

POST BY: Pat Reilly ON April 2nd, 2014

After months of blocked Google buses, picketers outside of Twitter and affordable housing activists shouting down Facebook employees, Bay Area residents opened their papers to read an unexpected headline, “Tech Fights Poverty.” The SF Gives initiative is a challenge run by  Salesforce.com and the Tipping Point Community to raise $10 million for Bay Area antipoverty programs in just 60 days.

But the real story is what comes next. The tech community didn’t single-handedly cause inequality in the Bay Area and it won’t solve it single-handedly either. SF Gives is a great example of the kind of dynamic collaborations that are not only possible, but necessary for real and lasting change.

Tech companies are experts at building their businesses, but they are not experts in understanding how to fight poverty in the Bay Area. That’s why it is so important to collaborate with the Tipping Point Community, San Francisco Foundation, Silicon Valley Community Foundation  and other organizations and foundations that deeply understand the non-profits making real progress every day combating homelessness, improving education and increasing job placement all over the Bay Area.

We believe in cross sector collaboration and we’re determined to help these partnerships proliferate and diversify across the Bay Area. We need to facilitate more opportunities for tech companies to easily support civic initiatives and local collaborations that elevate and support effective under-the-radar organizations.

For the Bay Area to tackle rising inequality we need total portfolio activation.  In impact investing that means aligning investments with your giving strategy so all your assets are aligned toward the same goal.  In this case, I mean civic, public, non-profit, academic and tech sectors must contribute their varied and (until now) untapped poverty-fighting resources that can make a real change in our communities. The possibilities are endless for large and small collaborations across the Bay Area that embrace the creativity and innovation that Bay Area is so famous for.

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