Why Communicating About Equity Is So Important

Why Communicating About Equity Is So Important
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Why Communicating About Equity Is So Important

POST BY: Pat Reilly ON February 22nd, 2017

In our highly politicized times – when even fundamentals like always tell the truth, don’t be a bully, and don’t discriminate are up for dispute and interpretation – more nuanced conversations that impact kids and their success in school, and in life, have stalled or are in danger of becoming politicized.

Fighting for more equitable school systems and against bias is going to take new fresh thinking and redoubled effort so we don’t lose ground in the battle to give every student an equal opportunity to thrive.

From superintendents to teachers, to principals, from parents to nonprofits, we need creative thinking and fresh opportunities to expand understanding of why equity is important and why bias is real.

That’s why today, PR & Company is launching our Talking About Equity podcast series. Aimed at everyone from teachers to administrators to community organizers, Talking About Equity is interviewing people on the front lines of the equity battle. These conversations will surface best practices in how to communicate to every audience.

Our first show features Linda Darling-Hammond, professor of education emeritus at Stanford University and President and CEO of the Learning Policy Institute. She shares her point of view on:

• What equity in education means in the 21st century

• The most persuasive ways to talk about equity in a public school context

• The best way to address bias in schools

• How curriculum can empower students

• What supports students might need outside the classroom to give them an equal chance to succeed

Listen to the full version below and share with anyone working to advance equity for every child.

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